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The Perfect Day


Beautiful Live Videography for Your Ceremony AND Reception
  • Dedicated on-site HitchStream Producer
  • Professional Roving Videographer with professional full frame camera
  • Multiple wide angle wireless cameras
  • Wedding preparation and behind the scenes capture
  • Behind the Scenes Footage and B-roll fed into the live stream for all to enjoy
  • Customized bumpers and graphics
  • Wireless lavalier mics for the happy couple and officiant
  • Wireless hand-held mic for toasts and speeches
  • Audio input from venue or DJ
  • Personalized HitchStream page
  • Stream to ALL of your favorite social networks
  • Video-On-Demand available directly after the ceremony
  • Raw footage recorded to a thumb drive
  • Multiple combined internet sources
  • Location move to reception at same venue

Additional Services

We offer these additional services for this package, use the sliders below to estimate your total

We Love, Love

We love bringing people together and providing the best experience for your event.

Streaming Professionals

It’s your wedding so we want you to be happy. We will always be professional, and our low footprint equipment will help us to blend into the background.


If you’re planning to have a videographer, we can work with them to find the best way to integrate their feed into your HitchStream.

Internet Connections

Whether your wedding is at a venue with reliable WiFi, or on a beach, all packages include multiple connections so that we can produce the highest quality HitchStream possible.